Playlist for a great start to the day from My Michelle

Tatyana Tkachuk

vocalist of the group "My Michel"

- I start my morning with a workout. I love running. I do fitness, swimming rather through force. Actually, now I have a break in big sport because of an injury: during one of the runs I broke my knees. In the morning I have forty minutes workout, be sure to do stretching exercises.

After that, I cook breakfast gradually - I like not to rush anywhere, fry fried eggs and bread in ghee, think for a long time what to wear. Then I make a face mask, apply light makeup and go to the studio. And in the morning I like to dance to the music of Duy Lipa. But on the whole I listen to music in order to keep abreast of current trends, to know what has changed. I hope this playlist gives a great start to your day!



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