Pixar Studio released a short film about the difficulties of working in a men's team

A month ago, Pixar Studio announced that it was launching a program for supporting young animators


. As part of this program, the studio released the first cartoon.

Cartoon Purl talks about a pink ball of yarn named Pearl. The heroine settles in a startup B. R.

O. Ca35ital, in which some men work. They all wear the same costumes and hairstyles, and the cooler tells each other stories about cars. Pearl feels uncomfortable: she doesn't understand her jokes, doesn't listen at meetings, and doesn't even notice in the corridors. To become his own in the team, Pearl is trying to change and adapt to it.

Spoiler: she is changing, but in the end she understands that it’s better to remain herself.

The director and screenwriter of the cartoon was Kristen Lester. In a video about the project, she said that this story is based on her own experience. “At my first job, I was the only woman in the room. To do what I liked, I became“ one of the guys.

”And then I came to Pixar and first started working with women as a team. It helped me realize how much feminine I was in myself buried, "says Lester.

The next animated film from SparkShorts will be released on Pixar's official YouTube channel on February 11th. It is called Smash and Grab ("Smash and Grab") and will talk about two robots that have worked all their lives in the engine room.

Pixar's paintings regularly set records at the box office and receive bonuses.

This year, Bao has been nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short.



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