Pianist and composer Kirill Richter: “I put expression, feelings and emotions into music”

It is difficult to remember the moment when I was drawn to music. I really liked different musical instruments. In kindergarten we had a whole stand with toy pianos. We were forbidden to play them, because of this it became only more interesting. I went to my grandmother and she strummed on an old German instrument.

I fell in love with the magic of sound! Press the key - and the magic happens.

For musicians, their whole life is very unstable and depends on fees. When I thought about where to study, there was not even a thought to go to the musical direction. I consciously decided to do what worked best ( Kirill Richter graduated from the graphic department of the branch of the Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. - Note.

Ed. ) Finishing my studies, I thought that I would work in my specialty, but life turned out differently.

Many people call my style minimalism, neoclassicism, but this is not entirely true. I do instrumental music, even without specifying "modern." My acquaintance, music journalist Elizaveta Klimova, coined the term: "expressive minimalism" - it best defines my style.

I put expression, feelings, emotions into music.

It is important for the composer to be multidisciplinary. Talent gives a head start, but if you do not practice constantly, improving skills, then talent can be quickly lost. The gift is important, but the main thing is to constantly develop.

I was attracted by the idea of ​​showing the historical hero without price, without black and white.

The choreographer - Japanese Yuka Oishi - managed to look impartially at Russian history. Sergei Polunin in the role of Rasputin is already a guarantee of success. In addition, I was interested in trying my hand in large form. The stage design and choreography in ballet are done with great taste. We deliberately abandoned the crap and “cranberries”, which are too many in productions on historical topics.

Rasputin is a ballet about the choice of a person, about how power affects fate, about the fight against internal demons. I like the open finale: no one is called a villain or an angel.

Now I'm going to take up the film work, there are several projects with independent performers. I’m preparing several string compositions for recording, and in October I will continue the German tour.

The artist is supported by melancholy.

A slightly overwhelming sadness encourages one to strive for beauty. In addition, you need a passion for creating new things, openness to new ideas and loyalty to yourself. Own style is a continuation of the artist, and not just decoration.

I really like the New Tretyakov Gallery and the Garage. Today (the interview took place on July 10.

- Note. Ed. ) I want to catch the closing of the season at the Gogol Center and the Bolshoi Theater for a general run of the ballet Akram Khan "Giselle". Ballet promises to be incredible. Actually, I fell in love with the dance - after working with the Canadian ballet and our premiere of Rasputin at The London Palladium, the dance became something special for me.

I like to go to other countries and live there with friends, walk around the city without tourist purposes. I relax, meeting with different people and exchanging energy.

Without playing sports, a musician can easily turn into a broken trough. Acting out a concert is really a lot of work. For several hours, the right leg is raised above the pedal, you constantly need to keep your back steady - after the concert, the lower back falls off, like that of the old grandfather.

I do swimming and exercise in the gym, mostly with my own weight. Pianists cannot be zealous with a strain on the hands, because because of this, finger dexterity is lost.

I love pasta, not a fan of meat, but not a vegetarian either. I love desserts, sweets - my drug, which I can’t exclude from my life ( laughs ).



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