Philips Introduces 4 New Smart Products

A smart blender monitors the quality of food, selects the right amount of ingredients, evaluates the nutrients in the products and makes recommendations. This helps to consciously choose a diet, control the number of calories and reduce sugar intake. A blender weighs vegetables and fruits, tells you if you need to add or reduce ingredients for a smoothie. The device is synchronized with an application that offers personalized recommendations and a large selection of useful recipes.

Philips Sonicare Solutions Teledentistry Service allows you to receive remote dental consultation.

You need to take from one to six pictures of teeth and gums on a smartphone, upload to the application and wait for the dentist's recommendation within 24 hours. The company introduced the nozzles for the flagship brush, which automatically report the need to change them.

The Philips SmartSleep sleep mask captures the slow phases of sleep and increases them in real time with sound tones: the sleep becomes healthy and sound. This is based on artificial intelligence: two small sensors and advanced algorithms. The application provides recommendations for improving the quality of sleep.

In Russia, a sleep mask will appear in 2019.

The Shaver Series 9000 Prestige razor adapts to the stiffness and length of a man’s hair: an ideal clean cut without injuries. The device is equipped with new precision blades and a sensor - data about them is updated every 15 seconds. The razor will appear on the Russian market this fall.



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