Pectoral muscle expander - exercises for everyone

The expander for the pectoral muscles is such a design, consisting of two handles connected by a spring or elastic. Suitable for men and women. Usually between handles 1-4 removable elastic cables with different tensile strength are fixed. Sometimes the expander looks like a figure eight. Despite the name of the simulator, an expander for the pectoral muscles can pump not only the chest, but also the back, arms, shoulders.

Someone manages to strengthen his legs. We will stop at work with the muscles of the chest.

Specificity and essence of the exercise with the expander

In essence, the expander is two handles and a spring of various materials between them. To use spring elasticity for our purposes, it is necessary to secure the expander for both handles.

Pectoral muscle expander - exercises for everyone

This is done at the expense of our arms, legs and suitable supports.

Throwing the spring in various ways, we can create many positions from which many muscles can be worked out: deltoids, pectoral muscles, forearms, shoulders, abs and even legs. For men, to expand muscles, an expander is not enough. But to strengthen them is quite possible. Even make it more embossed.

How to choose the right expander for yourself

It is advisable that you come to the sports store in person.

Because choosing online will be very difficult. You can choose too weak a simulator, or, conversely, too elastic. In addition, to come and touch the goods at the selection stage is very important for the right purchase.

Pectoral muscle expander - exercises for everyone

Another advantage of going to the store is that at the selection stage you can see the marriage. Pay attention to the expander handles so that they are crack free.

And on the elastic part - do not you see scuffs, white stripes, tears on it. If any of this exists, ask for another instance.

To provide your muscles with different loads - buy a trainer with replaceable elasticity. Variable elasticity is provided by the presence of several removable springs. More springs - stronger expander.

Buy expanders with 4 or more springs. Latest recommendation for men. Girls can do with 2-3 springs.

If you are satisfied with elasticity, material, pens and quality - buy. Prejudice that the steeper the brand, the better the product, should not guide your actions.

The safety margin that goods from medium-sized brands have is quite suitable for classes. Of course, if you take the cheapest simulator - be prepared that it will quickly become worthless. It is tested and depends on your power characteristics.

We recommend that girls ask for help with the choice of an expander for their men.

Safety when working with the expander

When working with the expander, unforeseen and dangerous situations can occur:

  1. When you fasten one of its ends to the wall, check if firmly mount.

    If this end detaches, it hurts you to fly with a pen. And ruin the interior.

  2. Check that the handles are firmly attached to the spring when purchasing a treadmill.It happens that at the crucial moment, the spring breaks. This is fraught, again, with a blow to any part of the body, muscle strain or dislocation.

  3. At cheap expanders, at one point, the spring breaks. Exercise away from the walls so that at such moments your hands do not fly into it. Because all the force directed against the spring will now be left without a counterweight.
  4. This is rare for men, but for girls, it’s the other way around. The handle may slip out.

    Watch for this.

Exercises and execution technique

All exercises can be performed at home, in the hall (you can fix the expander to the simulator stand) or on the street sports ground (you can fix it on the horizontal bar support). When doing exercises at home, pre-plan places on the walls for which you can firmly fasten one end of the expander or the middle part of the spring.

Pectoral muscle expander - exercises for everyone

We will talk about analogues of bench presses and wiring.

The bench press with the expander

The exercise is best done standing up, because for the recumbent option you will need a bench with a removable back angle.

You will not be able to perform a bench press on the floor, because your elbows during this exercise fall below its level. You cannot make movements in full amplitude. Therefore, we do everything while standing.

  1. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Spread your shoulders, bend your lower back.

    To control, go with your back to the wall and press against it so that the heels, buttocks, shoulder blades and back of the head touch the wall. This is correct posture with all natural deflections. Remember this pose, take 2-3 steps forward.

  2. If there is no place to fix the spring, place it on the back at the level of the lower part of the blades and straighten the arms forward, holding on to the handles. If you raise the spring higher, it can jump to the neck.

    The palms are turned down. Starting position - hands in front of you, the expander is pulled. If you can fix the middle of the spring behind you at the level of the blades - it will be more convenient.

  3. We begin to bend our arms, orienting our elbows strictly sideways. The elbows should move parallel to the floor.

    The spring should pull your hands in that direction.

  4. Maximize the elbows back, stretching the pectoral muscle. Now linger in this position for 1-2 seconds.
  5. Straighten your arms to the original state.

Do 10-15 reps in 3-4 sets.

It’s difficult to work on the mass, but on the relief it’s quite possible. If there is a lot of strength left, you can do 30 repetitions. The endurance of the muscles of the chest, arms and shoulders will increase.

In this exercise, it is important to keep an eye on your elbows. If done properly, the chest and triceps will work.

Since the exercise is done while standing, shoulders will get a good load.

If you have an inclined bench at home - you can repeat the same while lying, throwing the expander behind the bench. It will be more convenient and more familiar. Change the back to an angle of 30, 45 and 60 degrees. At the same time, straighten your arms straight up.

Then you pump the entire array of muscles.

Bringing your hand to the midline of the body

Fasten one handle of the expander to the wall or other support at the level of the blades.

  1. Stand sideways at the attachment point, grasp the free handle with your nearest hand, slightly bent at the elbow joint. Step aside to such a distance that with the retracted working arm you feel the resistance of the spring.
  2. Now bring the working arm forward to the center line of the casing.

    Put your other hand on your belt. The result was an analogue of the crossover. You can work in a horizontal plane, lower your hand at the end point down, or, conversely, raise it above the parallel with the floor. Thus, you will work out all areas of the pectoral muscles.

Do 10-15 repetitions on each hand.

Repeat in 3-4 sets.

During inhalation, you make an effort, while exhaling, you return to the starting position. In the same way we breathe during the previous exercise.

If the design of the expander allows (you have an elastic cord or tape) - you can not fix the second end, but hold it with your free hand, passing the middle of the harness behind the support. For example, a door handle can be used as such a support (just thread the end of the expander through it).

The height is not quite ideal, but in the absence of other options - it will do.

These two exercises will help you keep your pectoral muscles in good shape even if you are not able to attend the gym. The expander is a compact item. You can take it with you on a trip, keep it at home in a closet, or take it with you when you are going for a street workout. After all, you can’t go far with dumbbells or a barbell, and they take up decent places.



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