Pavel Krysanov, athlete with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy: "Parents support and sympathize. They know how hard it is for me to give each marathon"

"All the restrictions are in our head" - Pavel Krysanov is convinced. Over the past three years, he has run 13 marathons and 33 half marathons. Pavel is 47 years old. He is the only ASICS FrontRunner Russia Ambassador who can read lips. The thing is that Pavel's cerebral palsy, as a result of the disease, affected his speech and hearing.

But the man does not give up - he travels the world, runs marathons and inspires people.

- I started running as a student. In those years, hearing deteriorated, and learning was especially difficult. I decided that daily runs would help relieve stress. Since my physical abilities are limited, the choice was small.

Running is one of the few sports that I can practice.

On jogging, I remained alone with myself, collecting my thoughts and getting rid of everything negative. I liked the mental and physical state after running - more balanced, more harmonious.

After graduation, I became a psychologist at a school for the hearing-impaired. Work took a lot of time and mental energy.

Easy five-kilometer runs literally revived me. I ran for pleasure, for health. There was no clear goal, so interest in running either faded away, then reappeared. When I got a job as a gardener, instead of a lunch break, I started running around in the park. In his free time he also ran.

Gradually, jogging became a habit.

Pavel Krysanov, athlete with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy:

Photos from Pavel’s personal archive

In April 2015, I started talking with Ilya Kovalev, founder and trainer of the Moscow Running Club. Wonderful person.

He inspired me. Ilya said that it’s never too late to seriously engage in running (I was 44 years old then). Thanks to him and his support, I trained all summer and half autumn. Then I learned about parkrun from my cousin, and on Facebook I met Julia Ganicheva - she was then the director of parkrun Timiryazevsky. She told me about running and invited me to the race.

The first time I came to the guys in December 2015 and since then I have been running there every weekend. I come to Timiryazevsky Park as home. I also visit other "parkranes": in Bitza, in Kolomenskoye, in Krylatskoye, in Zhukovsky. He even ran in Petersburg and Novosibirsk. With the "parkrans" it all started.

I gradually increased the distance. He began to speak at official starts. He began to prepare for the first half marathon. I ran it on March 20 - the birthday of my mother.

- In 2016, I participated in several half marathons and finished in Golden Ring Ultra-Trail.

After 32 kilometers on the ground in Suzdal, I decided that I could master the marathon. I started to train. Sochi chose, because he hoped that in November it would still be warm. A month before the start, he ran 42 kilometers in the country. It took me about six hours.

I realized that I can handle it.

In Sochi, he hoped to overcome the distance in five hours. The result was a little worse - five hours thirty minutes. But I was still happy. I ran a marathon and met the limit.

The result is rather weak, but the track was not easy: many turns, steep ascents and descents. Yes, and at the start I started to fuss and did not have time to really warm up. Affected by excitement and lack of experience.

Pavel Krysanov, athlete with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy:

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Photos from Pavel’s personal archive

After six months at a marathon in Kazakhstan, I improved the time by 40 minutes. The track in Almaty is easier than in Sochi. In addition, I was preparing wisely: I added speed and strength training to jogging “on volume”. A week before the start, “warmed up” - a half marathon ran in Korolev, near Moscow.

- For three years where I just did not run! Moscow, Omsk, Sergiev Posad, Yaroslavl, Pyatigorsk, Myshkin, Rostov, Uglich, Pereslavl-Zalessky .

.. Last year, the geography expanded: I visited Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia. Participated in the half-marathon "Colfax" in the United States. Traveling is my passion.

I even created the project "Running through the cities of the former USSR." As part of it, I have already run half marathons in Minsk, Brest, Yerevan, Tbilisi. Finished the marathon in Almaty, Chisinau and Kiev. Hope to continue the project.

The hardest race? Fifty kilometers on the Golden Ring Ultra-Trail in Suzdal last summer.

The year before, I ran 32 kilometers there. It's like a whole marathon on the highway! Fifty kilometers of dirt are twice as heavy. Gathering my will into a fist, I overcame the distance in 9 hours 30 minutes. Summer turned out to be wet, in many areas it was impossible to run. In the middle of the track, I fell on my side.

He ran through pain, and the next day went to the doctor - it turned out that I had finished with a broken rib. I had to stay at home for a month. Since then I have been running trails for the soul. I love to be in nature, admire the beauties. But my specialization is half marathons and marathons on asphalt.

Now I am actively preparing for the Road of Life marathon in St. Petersburg. I want to improve the result: run for 4: 30-4: 40. A marathon is an insidious and unpredictable distance, which is why I hope for the best, but I always prepare for the worst. I like that on the "Road of Life" the start and finish are in different places: the start is at Lake Ladoga, and the finish is ten kilometers from St.

Petersburg. I do not like to run marathons in three or four circles. This is very exhausting.

Pavel Krysanov, athlete with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy:

They know how hard it is for me to give each marathon"" src="/assets/images/29ae42df4b688cccdb2412e4144af5fc/25d903809f5245d26f0327b0030f9fde.jpg">

Photos from Pavel’s personal archive

Friends have different feelings about my hobby. Some admire, others believe that I have nothing to do. Still others are indifferent. Parents support and sympathize. They know how hard it is for me to give each marathon.

I have experienced a lot. He survived and realized: if I take everything to heart, I will not achieve anything. Dependence on the opinions of others makes life difficult. Some say that running is supposedly unhealthy, spoils the joints. But millions of people around the world are running around.

Each has its own goals. For example, it seems to me that it is better to be dependent on running than on alcohol or cigarettes.

Looking at me, my father also became a runner. But I did not persuade him.A person must decide for himself whether running is suitable for him or not.

If suitable, then he will run without any persuasion. Dad began to run to improve his health. Communication with other runners also stimulates him to train. In addition, this is what happens to me more often.

- Speaking in the age group of 65-69 years, in September, Dad ran ten kilometers on the satellite race of the Moscow marathon.

Then she and her mother went to the Bolshoi Theater and waited for me there - at the 33rd kilometer. Seeing my parents, I was very happy. He hugged them. Their presence gave me the strength to run to the finish line.

In 2018, I overcame five marathons.

Thanks to running, I became more confident, more cheerful. The fortress is physically and spiritually. Sport made me happier. Now it's time to move from quantity to quality starts. Run less and improve time.

I dream to overcome the marathon in four hours, but to achieve this, I have a long way to go. I want to participate in the COMRADES ultramarathon in South Africa.

Pavel Krysanov, athlete with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy:

Photos from Pavel’s personal archive



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