"Pancakes with condensed milk - the most delicious thing in the world." Fitness Model Nutrition Rules

Maria Orlovskaya

- My diet depends on whether the season is currently competitive or the off-season. In the offseason, I can afford a lot, and drying is also different. For example, during the first drying I ate cottage cheese, milk and barbecue.

But on the second drying, especially in the last month, I was on a keto diet (this is when carbohydrates are generally excluded). I could only eat protein and vegetables, and even then not all (tomatoes and peppers, for example, cannot). Everything, of course, is prepared without salt. But when your goal is victory, you don’t give a damn about chocolates and sweets, you can live without it.

" Fitness Model Nutrition Rules" title=""Pancakes with condensed milk - the most delicious thing in the world." Fitness Model Nutrition Rules" src="/assets/images/c742511b4aa37a5ed05e20836d22b0a6/26d2afcd3537380e85c6e38940b231db.jpg">

Photo: from the archives of Mary

I always try to adhere to several rules of nutrition. I don’t eat gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts and all legumes. I have autoimmune thyroiditis - a common inflammatory thyroid disease. Therefore, so that I can physically train, I try not to aggravate my illness with nutrition.

In my usual diet, I have to eat vegetables (lots of vegetables!), Chicken liver, eggs (I eat them with yolk), fish, and seafood. Sources of carbohydrates: rice bread, brown rice (I just adore it), white rice also sometimes eat. When I was in Asia, I lost weight on white rice and coconut milk. In the summer I calmly eat barbecue, though mostly from chicken or turkey. Sometimes pork, but it is too heavy for the body.

The calorie content of my food on the dryer is 1,200-1,500, depending on how much weight you need to lose. Keep in mind: 1,200 calories is very small and unhealthy. Do not take risks without an important reason. Athletes have such a reason - victory in the competition. In the offseason - about 1,800 calories to have strength for training in the gym.

Photo: from the archives of Mary

I love sweets, for me it's a drug. I don’t want sweet, only when I am very passionate about something. I usually make protein pancakes - this is my dessert.

Of course, sometimes there are breakdowns, but I usually attribute them to cheat mills. Although I admit that there are sweet "binges", like alcoholics. Then my man just takes away everything sweet, and I try not to buy new things. I really love pancakes with condensed milk, perhaps this is the most delicious food in the world. I calmly allow myself to eat something forbidden once a week, my figure does not suffer from this at all.

I hate fast food, especially its smell.

Photo: from the archives of Mary (Mary in the center)

I make up my diet with the trainer. We meet, she looks at me and then sends a ready-made nutrition plan.

After some time - a control meeting. If something is wrong, change the diet. You must always watch how the body reacts to certain products. I am studying dietetics and will soon be developing a nutrition plan myself, taking into account my individual characteristics. I want to switch to three meals a day - it is impossible to constantly carry a lot of containers with you.

The most difficult time is on the eve of the competition: you drink a little water, and then you don’t drink at all. The only thing you want after the performance is to drink a glass of water. When I sit in a restaurant after the competition, I’m always lost and don’t know what to choose - apparently, I already have time to break the habit of something more delicious than boiled unsalted chicken breast. I just want cheese or scrambled eggs with yolks.

I like the drying period.

In the offseason, there is a great temptation not to abide by the regime and gain weight very quickly. I try to always be in shape - I often participate in various photo shoots. You must definitely look great.



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