Overhead squats - techniques and secrets

Overhead squats - techniques and secrets

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Squats with a barbell over your head is a functional exercise that came to fitness from weightlifting.

The specificity of such exercises is that they affect almost all the muscles of the body, comprehensively improving indicators such as muscle strength, flexibility and coordination.

Purpose of the exercise

Squats with a barbell above the head are a complex movement that simultaneously involves several large muscle groups.

Overhead squats - techniques and secrets

  • This exercise, like the classic barbell squats, is effective develops strength and muscle volume of the legs, strengthens and stabilizes the lower back.
  • Due to the location of the bar above the head, muscles stabilizing the body are included in a significant way. This exercise is ideal for building squats.

    It is no secret that the correct squatting technique involves a certain position of the body. Squats with weight over your head literally make you stabilize the center line of the body. The slightest deviation from it will not allow you to complete the exercise. Thus, performing squats with a barbell above your head, you simultaneously develop the technical basis for classic squats and other exercises.

  • In addition to the lower body, lower back, and stabilizer muscles, shoulders are exposed to stress.

    This serves as their additional training.

After several months of performing squats, athletes note changes in volumes and strength indicators. Working weight is increased both in leg exercises and in movements for the upper body.

Overhead squats - techniques and secrets

Overhead squats have a number of features, in particular:

  1. If your joints are not flexible enough, the exercise may be too difficult. In this case, it is recommended to reduce the burden and add special exercises to the development of muscle and joint flexibility.

    The wrists, shoulders, and hip joints are especially important for a perfect squat. Train their flexibility first.

  2. The success and effectiveness of classes depends on how correct the technique of exercise. To start, train to squat with an empty bar. You should not use a light bodybar.

    After all, even with minimal physical preparation, bodybars can be kept overhead in almost any position. With a light weight incentive to follow the technique you will not have. But the metal bar is already a more significant burden. To keep it, you will have to take the correct position of the body and tighten the muscles. When all phases of the exercise have been worked out and brought to automatism, start working with weight by adding pancakes to the bar.

It is better to refrain from performing the exercise if you have problems with joints or diseases of the spine.


How to perform squats with a barbell above your head?

  1. Install the barbell in the frame in the same way as for regular squats. Sit under the neck, place it just below the neck and grab it with a wide grip.
  2. Remove the bar from the uprights and take a step back. As you exhale, squeeze the bar upward with your arms fully extended.

    Do not lower your head down and keep your back straight, while maintaining a natural deflection in the lower back. Hold the bar slightly behind your head. This is the starting position.

  3. As you inhale, slowly lower yourself into the squat until your hips reach the parallel to the floor.
  4. On the exhale, straighten your legs and return to the starting position.

  5. Do 8-12 reps, take a break and do the exercise 2 more times. In the future, you can increase the burden or the number of approaches.

Such squats can be used as a separate workout or included in a complex leg workout. In the latter version, the exercise replaces the usual squats with a barbell.

Avoiding mistakes

As you already understood, squats with a barbell above your head are not the easiest exercise.

In order for it to be effective and safe, an ideal technique for its implementation is needed.

When starting your workout, consider the points below. This will help to correct possible errors and correct inaccuracies:

  • Remember to warm up. Weighted squats give an enormous load on the lower body and lower back, so you need to warm up the muscles and joints in advance. Perform knee lifts, jumps and body turns for several minutes.

    This will prepare your body and make the occupation more productive and safer.

  • An important role is played by the center line, that is, the position of your body during the exercise. For better stability and coordination, keep your back straight and look forward.
  • Do not be afraid of weights. If you have minimal sports experience, start training with a little weight, that is, at least with a bar from the bar.

    This recommendation is due to the fact that too small a burden allows you to perform the exercise in violation of the technique. You will calmly do a squat with a light body-bar, no matter what position you hold it. But with the bar, such a trick will not work. In other words, if you start training without weight, there is a risk that you will have to relearn to do the exercise with the right technique in the future.

  • Take your time.

    Do not rush to immediately rise to the starting position from the bottom point. Instead, take a few seconds to adjust the position of the boom. It is also worth making sure that you are standing on a full foot, and body weight is redistributed to the heels. This will help you maintain balance when lifting and prevent losing control of the bar. When you are sure that everything is correct, tighten the muscles of your hips and buttocks and jerk up.

Overhead squats - techniques and secrets

When you hold the weight over your head, the most difficult thing is to stabilize the body position during the squat.You can practice this skill by doing squats with pauses at the lowest point. It will be easier to adapt, you will feel more comfortable and more confident.

As an option for squats with pauses, you can consider the following. Take the weight with which you can do only 3-4 repetitions, and reduce it by about 10-15%.

Take a starting position, and then sit down as deep as possible. Keep tension throughout your body. Count to 4 and rise sharply. Do 4 sets of 5 reps. This technique may seem difficult, but if you master it, you can increase explosive strength and improve your physical fitness.

Squats with a barbell above your head is a very effective exercise that allows you to simultaneously work out several muscle groups.

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Overhead squats - techniques and secrets

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The material was prepared by the site team with the support of our experts: athletes, trainers and nutrition specialists. Our team.




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