Our selection: Under Armor HOVR Infinite running shoes

- To begin with, I have a special relationship with Under Armor. This is primarily due to the fact that the company cooperates with my favorite basketball player Stephen Curry and produces the coolest cross-country (advertising

Make That Old

in general a masterpiece), and also provides a form for

FC Lokomotiv

- a team for which I have been a fan since childhood.

The key to Under Armor is technology. This is what the company became famous for. Kevin Planck, the founder of UA, initially wanted to make clothes that would not hinder movement, remove moisture from the skin and remain dry during intense exertion.

And he succeeded. With sneakers, things are just as cool. For testing, I got Under Armor HOVR Infinite - “smart” cross-country races designed for running at medium and long distances. The first thing you think about when shoeing: how comfortable it is! At the same time, sneakers cannot be called soft - yes, they are comfortable in them, but they are super-resistant. According to my feelings, the frame is rigid, the leg is well fixed.

The top of the model is made seamlessly - from a technological mesh, which is responsible for ventilation. After an hour of training on the treadmill and 30 minutes of cycling, my legs were not hot. I also want to note the striking design and thoughtfulness of all the details. For example, a reflective plate is sewn into the tongue - for lovers of evening jogging, that’s it.

Now about technology.

In this beautiful model there are two branded chips at once. The first is the patented HOVR foam, from which the sole is made. She is responsible for depreciation, absorbing the shock load (should I say that this is very important in running), while not allowing to lose speed. The second feature is the built-in chip, which does not burden sneakers at all. This chip syncs with the Under Armor MapMyRun app and lets you analyze your running workout.

Now I am actively preparing for the race in Italy, and the HOVR Infinite sneakers are most welcome - I’ll run into them in the fall.



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