Our selection: Reebok HIIT TR Intense Training Sneakers

Reebok HIIT TR sneakers are designed to make high-intensity workouts as comfortable as possible. Do sneakers cope with this task? Checked the manager of the commercial department of The Challenger and amateur HIIT Nastya Mukhina.

- I am actively engaged in fitness - individually in the gym, and also attend group high-intensity workouts. It is important for me that the sneakers are universal and fit all my activities. I like to carry one pair with me, I don’t collect sneakers and I believe that not sneakers make an athlete out of a person.

For about four years I trained in Reebok sports shoes, but now I have the opportunity to test a new model - Reebok HIIT TR.

Our selection: Reebok HIIT TR Intense Training Sneakers

Photo: Nastya Mukhina

  • Excellent depreciation . The sole of the sneaker smooths out the kicks well. During high-intensity workouts, sometimes you have to perform jumping exercises - shoes with good cushioning can maintain joint health.
  • Reliable fixation of the foot .

    There is a special toe inside the sneakers, it provides better fixation of the foot, which helps to avoid injuries. At the same time, the foot is not squeezed, the Reebok HIIT TR sneakers are very comfortable. In such shoes you can train for a long time or go for a few hours for a walk, if weather conditions permit.

  • Well-thought-out design . The upper part of Reebok HIIT TR sneakers is made of soft and pleasant to the touch material.

    In this sports shoe, the feet do not sweat during training. In the sneakers, you can perform various interval ligaments: Reebok HIIT TR fixes the foot from the bottom and, due to the soft material from above, does not hamper the movements and allows you to freely carry out any exercises (for example, burpies).

  • Sneakers are very light . This is especially convenient for those who abandoned their personal car and get to the gym on their own.
  • Sole provides good traction .

    The Reebok HIIT TR sole protector provides good traction on various surfaces, you can train even on slippery surfaces in the gym without risk of injury.

  • Appearance. Sneakers not only look great in combination with sportswear, but also complement the everyday look.

Our selection: Reebok HIIT TR Intense Training Sneakers

Photo: Nastya Mukhina

The only drawback of this model is its rather high cost, prices start from 7999 rubles. I want a safe and comfortable sport to be available to many.

But the quality of the new Reebok sneakers is on top - I think the model will serve me for more than one year.



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