Our selection: Handy Bendy Cloth Bag

Last week we talked about why you should refuse plastic bags. Today we want to recommend practical bags that can replace these same packages.

Handy Bendy are fabric bags of the “second bag” format. The manufacturer offers to buy such a bag as an addition to the main one. This is an option for those who carry a lot of things with them: umbrellas, lunch boxes, books, bottles of water, spare shoes and so on.

All bags are made of water-repellent polyester. There are three sizes of bags of different sizes in the Handy Bendy catalog plus a children's line of very small bags. Bags of each format are made in five to six colors.

Anya Tyuchkalova


I tested a bag from the Unisex line. At first it seemed that she was too small.

Every day I carry around with me an unrealistic amount of necessary and unnecessary things (very irrational, by the way). Therefore, doubts arose whether the bag can accommodate at least half of my luggage. It turned out that she was worrying in vain. My 13-inch laptop fits perfectly in my bag, other things too. Every time I went to the grocery store, the bags were also enough for me (I don’t know the measures when shopping, so don’t think that I was limited to two apples).

I liked that the handles of the bag are adjustable, that is, it can be worn both on the shoulder and in the hands. Ordinary canvas bags and string bags lose in this regard. I also managed to check the waterproofness of the bag. On the first day, I threw her in a sports backpack. Water spilled in the backpack wet both clothes and sneakers, but the bag remained dry.

I didn’t use the bag for long enough to check its durability. But in appearance and to the touch it seems that she and some leather bags will survive. Therefore, I can definitely recommend Handy Bendy as a replacement for endless packages and as a convenient accessory.



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