Our selection: 6 exciting books from small publishers

Interesting books are published not only in giant publishing houses. Today, we’ll talk about six class books published by the small publishers Po10corn books, In422duum, and the Boombook.

Special correspondent of Medusa Daniil Turovsky tells in detail about the powerful and invisible force that appeared in the early nineties with the spread of computers: about hackers. Cybergenics are sure: you can hack anything from banking systems to departmental portals of other countries. In some places, the story resembles the plot of a spy blockbuster.

Daniel talked to dozens of hackers, recorded their stories and compiled a complete history of the development of the Russian hacker community without censorship. From the book you will learn why Russian hackers are the most powerful in the world, how wars of a global scale are waged without the use of cartridges, and remember the theory of computer science. "Invasion" makes you look at familiar computers and news on the Internet from a different angle. Read, even if you are not interested in cybersecurity.

For the past couple of decades, the body has been an object of worship.

Only if it, of course, fit into a certain (rather strict) framework. Everything beyond them is rubbish. Or not? American journalist Mara Altman, in a comical and witty manner, talks about the female body without prejudice, recalling that one cannot be ashamed of one's own physiology (and shame others). The book is for those whose relationships with their own body are far from ideal. That is, for everyone.

Judging by the ratings of the book, our society is ready to admit: the body is beautiful. And no matter how much hair is on it.

Ind34v38duum publishing house also published our favorite book of a medical journalist Daria Sargsyan "Wallpaper-killers, poisonous water and a seducing chair", and also "Not Just Tired" by Ksenia Krasilnikova - about myths about postpartum depression .

Challenger Abyss - the deepest place on Earth. It is located in the Pacific Ocean, in the Mariana Trench.

The depth of 10 899 meters in these places was recorded in 1951 by the research vessel Challenger II. "Challenger Abyss" - a story about the fifteen-year-old Caden Bosch. He is an excellent student, a wonderful artist, while something strange happens in his life. In one world, he goes to school and experiences normal teenage problems, and in another, he travels on a ship in search of treasure at the very bottom of the Challenger Abyss. Neil Shustreman wrote a very personal book in which he tried to figure out what it was like to "swim in the dark, unpredictable waters of mental illness.

" "Challenger Abyss" belongs to the category of young adult, but will be interesting to those who are older.

Molly tried to build a relationship twenty-six times, and all-unsuccessfully. She did not dare to tell about her feelings, because they don’t like thick ones, right? The girl calmly refers to her fullness, but hearing rejection or rejection is like death to her. Gradually, the heroine gets out of her own shell - and the world around begins to transform. The book organically combines body positive, LGBT themes and same-sex marriage.

Another publishing house Po132corn books first published the novel "Call me by your name" Andre Asimana - we talked about him in a selection of books for the holidays. The publishing house has already bought the rights to publish the sequel stories that will be released in the fall.

Yamal - severe northern region, attracting romantics and scary inhabitants. Artist Julia Nikitina sets off on a journey from Salekhard (this is the capital of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug) to the Kara Sea. On the way, she sleeps in yurts, strokes deer and tries to deal with her anxiety disorder.

Julia described her adventure in a comic book format, calling the book "The Storm Diary." A storm is an inner world with which sometimes it is as difficult to negotiate as it is with nature.

"Arab of the Future" - a series of autobiographical comics French author and director Riad Sattuf. In them, he talks about his childhood, which took place in Libya, Syria and France. We see the cultural and ideological realities of the Middle East through the eyes of a small child.

"Arab of the Future" is today the most popular European comic book. He translated into 22 languages, was awarded the Los Angeles Times Books Prize and the main prize of the International Comic Book Festival in Angouleme.



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