Our pick: Nike and Gurls Talk footballers documentary

Football is not only a men's sport. So say Nike and the online community for girls

Gurls Talk.

They made a joint forty-minute documentary S10it Fire, Dream Higher , in which they showed footballers from around the world. With the help of the game, girls find happiness and build new relationships with their environment.

“You can use football to change your whole life,” said Nadia Nadim, striker for Paris Saint-Germain football club and the Danish national team.

Throughout the film, the founder of Gurls Talk, British top model Advoa Aboa, talks with her.

The film crew visited Malatya (Turkey), Moscow, Paris, Berlin, Accra (Ghana), Johannesburg (South Africa) and met with girls who play for local teams. They have different skin colors, different religions, beliefs in families, different mentality and characters, but they all share a passion for football. Behind each athlete are her relatives, coaches, teammates, who help make the dream a reality.

"We need strength to say: no, I want and will do it," says Nadia Nadim.

About this, perhaps, the whole film. He inspires you to stand up and do what you sincerely love, despite the imposed beliefs and opinions of others.



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