Our choice: wallet and passport cover made from recyclable material

Brand New Wallet

appeared five years ago in St. Petersburg. The company produces wallets and everything else from the innovative material "tyvek". Previously, it was used in the construction of buildings as a durable material that does not allow moisture to pass, but now it is also used in other areas, including the construction of spaceships. "Tyvek" is one hundred percent composed of high density polyethylene, combines the characteristics of paper, film and fabric, so it is thin, durable and not afraid of moisture.

The wallet is collected manually using origami technology (glue and threads are not used here). To make sure of its durability, the founders of the brand took one of the wallets, attached it between the car and the snowboarder - so the wallet “rolled” along the snowy field and withstood speeds of up to 80 km / h.

The wallet and other accessories may be wrinkled, but not torn, the image on them will not be erased for at least one to two years.



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