Our Choice: Tide Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation App

There are more and more applications for meditation and relaxation, but it’s still difficult to find useful ones. Tide is equally suitable for concentration and relaxation. The application is free, there are additional features in the premium subscription. In 2016 and 2017, Tide became the app of the year in the A1220 Store.

In the application, you can choose one of four goals: focus, sleep, relaxation and breathing.

Developers say they were inspired by nature and travel to create features. Tide works on the principle of classic meditation applications, but does not limit you only to mental practices. We have already talked about that meditation applications are effective in dealing with stress.

In the focus section, the timer is set to 25 minutes. Sounds of nature - the ocean, rain or thunder - sound in the background.

You can choose the sound of washing dishes (for those who like working in a cafe) or basketball, quiet music, the noise of the big city and a couple of dozens of other effects in the premium version. All sounds are very realistic and unobtrusive, and 25 minutes is just enough to complete one task on the "tomato technique" .

Our Choice: Tide Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation App

The application offers relax to the sounds of nature, and breathe to a pleasant melody using the counter on the screen. The most interesting section is son . Here you can set an alarm clock with various effects that mimics the light of a sunrise, a reminder that it is time to sleep, or a daytime sleep timer.

Every day a new motivating quote appears on the start page against the backdrop of pretty photos.

Our Choice: Tide Sleep, Meditation and Relaxation App

The minimalistic interface is not annoying and intuitive. Tide is made using smooth visual effects and calm colors and is tuned in literally ten seconds.

The application will appeal to those who are looking for new ways to concentrate and relax, like beautiful and useful applications, want to be more conscious.

The application is available for iOS and Android .



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