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We are used to telling about our successes - this is required at interviews, and sometimes on dates, meetings with friends, relatives and much more. Failures, on the contrary, are usually hushed up. In the podcast "This is a failure", guests openly talk about failures, and each of them understands something different.

"This is a failure" - a podcast about situations in which something went wrong. Every week, Kristina Wazowski invites people of interest to her and asks them about big and small failures.

Sometimes these are stories with a happy ending, sometimes not. Among the heroes of the podcast are Sasha Kazantseva, creator of the Telegram channel "Washed Hands", journalist Anna Chekhova, model Sasha Sergeeva, creator of the Kill Mi Plz website Sasha Gartman, creator of the "I Want to Go" YouTube channel, Lenya Pashkovsky, career specialist strategies Elena Rezanova.

Kristina Wazowski

creator of the podcast "This is a failure"

- I always I was sick of failures - it was hard for me to recognize them and hard to talk about them. I have been thinking about how to work with this for a long time, and decided to take such an exhibitionistic approach [to make a podcast about failures]. In addition, the most interesting stories come out when they have a lively emotion - and this is exactly about my podcast.

Now the podcast is six months old, and I don’t understand why such a huge number of things I perceived as a tragedy. I have become much calmer in situations where something goes wrong. I hope my listeners also feel better [after listening to the podcast].



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