Our choice: the telegram channel "History of a painting"

"The Story of a Picture" is a channel for those who want to begin to understand painting, but do not know where to start. In order to get acquainted with the history of painting in general, you can read the basic work of Ernst Gombrich's “History of Art” (be prepared: in the book from 700 to 900 pages, depending on the publication). But the disadvantage of such educational programs is that gaps are inevitable anyway. You will learn about the main directions, styles and especially significant artists, but interesting facts about individual paintings for the most part will remain behind the scenes.

The authors of the telegram channel "The Story of a Picture" every day show one famous picture and tell a story related to it: what is shown in the picture and how it can be interpreted when the artist wrote the picture, how its fate and so on.

For example, you will find out what Chagall’s work is considered the most frivolous, what the latest research by Van Gogh's “Sunflowers” ​​has shown, and what can be answered by opponents of Malevich’s “Black Square”. In general, in the vast history of art you will have a guide.



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