Our choice: The Green Book - a comedy about racism and the main contender for the Oscars

The picture takes place in the 60s. Race segregation reigns in the USA. Tony nicknamed "Chatterbox" ( Viggo Mortensen ) works as a bouncer in the club, likes to get involved in fights and is full of prejudice. His club is temporarily closed, and Tony gets a job as a driver for the black pianist Don Shirley ( Mahershala Ali ). Don is going on a two-month tour, and Tony must accompany and guard him on this journey.

And it will protect from what: the heroes have to drive south. The southern states are so dense that a special book is needed for safe movement in those places. This book lists the hotels and cafes that black people can visit.

The Green Book looks like an exemplary Oscar winner. The film talks about an urgent topic.

The fact that the picture is based on real events also adds relevance. Don Shirley and Tony actually made this bold journey. Sometimes it even seems that Farrelli deliberately makes a movie for the sake of the day. In recent years, it was paintings about racial issues that have become the best on the Oscars.

Farrelli in the Green Book manages to do something that many of his predecessors failed to do.

He combines comedy and drama. In the movie, it’s hard to make people laugh and talk about serious things. Farrelli finds a middle ground. The Green Book does not moralize and does not try to impose something on the viewer, but at the same time it says something important.



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