Our choice: Telegram channel for the care of curly hair “So go”

"Straight hair - curl, curly - straighten" - did you also hear this "formula"? For some reason, rejection of yourself and your appearance (including hair) - this is the norm from which you need to build on. He pushed himself off - and to infinity: repainting, building up, straightening, curling. Perhaps it is precisely because of this total rejection that we are completely unable to care for our bodies. Including simply taking care of the hair (taking care not in the sense of tormenting, but in the sense of caring and supporting). If you got curls, then there’s absolutely trouble.

The only thing that will be offered at the hairdresser is straightening with an “iron” (thanks for not keratin) and thinning.

Fortunately for all curly-haired people, there is now Sasha Sheveleva’s telegram channel “So Go” - from it you will find out why it is so important to take care of every curl, which balms and gels it makes sense to use (which is not suitable), where to find a good hairdresser, how to wash and dry curls properly. Sasha even made instructions on how to cut your hair yourself. Who could have imagined that you can talk so much and in detail about curly hair! It is noteworthy that Sasha tests all unusual and useful life hacks for hair care on herself and makes detailed photo reports about her experiments.

In order not to get lost in the variety of topics, a convenient navigator is at your service.

The essence of the “So Go” channel is also to give you the opportunity to truly become interested in yourself, to become interested in your appearance. For example, Sasha offers to get confused and do a test with a glass of water to determine the type of curls. It turns out that curly hair is also different and each type needs a competent approach.

In an interview, Sasha said: “The long-known truths of looking after curls are not to comb your hair, do not use shampoo with sulfates and conditioner with silicone, form curls with gel without alcohol, do not rub your hair with a towel , dry with a diffuser, cut dry - we’re out of the ordinary. " That is why - since there are few specialists to rely on, one will have to take the initiative into their own hands.

And what needs to be done and how it will look like later - Sasha will tell and show in his telegram channel.



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