Our choice: “ШБмнк” - a fun and useful telegram channel about medicine

Medical journalist and author of "ШБмнк" Olya Kashubina like no one else knows: to find accessible and reliable information about health and medicine on the Russian-speaking Internet - This is not an easy task (we, of course, are also struggling with this chaos, but the more quality resources, the better). Perhaps it was this fact that prompted Olya to create her telegram channel and post in it only those facts that have a scientific basis.

For the convenience of navigation, Olya provided a table of contents and tags. For example, by the tag # medical educators you will find short interviews with people who are popularizing the ideas and principles of evidence-based medicine. Among other things, there is an interview with Elena Motova - a nutritionist and our permanent expert.

And by clicking on the #year to ask tag, you will find out why we are forced to bring certificates to the pool and what the dietary supplement and the one-eyed witch have in common (yes).

In one of her last posts, Olga wrote about allergies - about what it really is and why we often confuse it with other conditions. Here is a small excerpt.



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