Our choice: self-actualization podcast: “Man needs a man”

Over the past ten years, the creator of the podcast journalist Katya Gaydut managed to work in glossy magazines, a digital agency, and then created her own podcast.

"A man needs a man"

- these are conversations with completely different girls about women's self-realization, career, relationships, complexes, respect and concern for to myself.

In the podcast, Katya talks about photography and self-determination with fashion photographer Sasha Serafimovich, about minimalism and informed consumption - with designer Jova Jäger. Canon photographer and ambassador Marina Karpiy talks about life in Tbilisi and Kiev and following her dream, a public figure Nastya Deeva talks about studying at Harvard, sexism and feminism. In total, ten issues have already been released in the podcast.

While listening to the podcast, it seems that you are communicating with good friends - this was originally the goal.



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