Our Choice: Reebok Forever Floatride Energ Running Shoes

Finding the right running shoes is a big deal. Anya Shchekina, editor-in-chief of The Challenger, tested the updated Forever Floatride Energy model from Reebok - and here is her honest review.

My favorite routes for running in the capital are along the Moscow River. Previously, I often ran along the Vorobyovskaya Embankment - I had to pass the standards and prepare for mountain hiking. Recently, it has become too crowded.

An excellent alternative to this route is Filyovskaya embankment. There are few visitors, the embankment was recently repaired, rubberized tracks were added for sports fans. There I went to test the Reverok Forever Floatride Energ sneakers. And here are my impressions after five kilometers of running.

Our Choice: Reebok Forever Floatride Energ Running Shoes

Photo: Anya Shchekina

Forever Floatride Energy look stylish.

The women's line has several different colors: denim (the Challenger edition tested just such a model, you can see it in the photo), black, neon lemon, turquoise. I liked the fact that there are reflective elements on the sneakers - they will help make evening jogging safer. However, I would like these elements to be larger in area.

On the sole there is a tread that looks strong enough to withstand intense loads during regular runs on hard surfaces.

Our Choice: Reebok Forever Floatride Energ Running Shoes

Photo: Anya Shchekina

When buying a Forever Floatride Energy, please note that this model is quite spacious.

My usual size of sneakers turned out to be too big for me, but the model was one size smaller just right. Forever Floatride Energy tightly fixes a heel thanks to the reinforced back pad. Sneakers are designed for a foot of medium completeness. The seamless mesh material that makes up the front of the shoe should fit your foot tightly. I have a narrow foot, I could not achieve a perfect fit Forever Floatride Energy even with the help of lacing - with the right size in the front of the shoe, I fixed the foot loosely.

Forever Floatride Energy are ideal for summer runs - they are not hot. The material from which the top of this model is made is well ventilated. Often, a pair of sneakers made of mesh material is enough for one season - they quickly break. I liked that in the case of Forever Floatride Energy, the manufacturer thought not only of lightness, but also of strength: the top of this sports shoe is two-layer, stiffness is added on the sides and front. The heel is additionally rubberized.

I think this model is able to withstand several seasons of regular running training.

Our Choice: Reebok Forever Floatride Energ Running Shoes

Photo: Anya Shchekina

I feel that Forever Floatride Energy sneakers are very lightweight. I was interested to check what their real weight is. At home - even before jogging - I took measurements: a pair of size 38.5 - 436 grams.

Each boot individually: 221 and 215 grams. The difference in weight within one pair of shoes is 6 grams. For me this is not important, and during a run such a trifle is impossible to notice. If you play sports professionally, you might want to test several different pairs before buying.

The quality of depreciation is especially important for me.

Feels like Forever Floatride Energy is a mid-range sneaker. The manufacturer notes that the sole of this model consists of a consistent cell structure, which creates a smooth depreciation effect. So it turned out in reality. These sneakers are very comfortable to land on the heel. The height difference in the sole is 10 mm.

In the production of Forever Floatride Energy, EVA Su110123ort Rim technology was used: a supportive foam bezel centers and balances the leg while running.

I liked running the Forever Floatride Energy on rubberized tracks. After five kilometers of running, I did not experience any discomfort, either immediately or over the next few days. So, the sneakers did their job perfectly.

Forever Floatride Energy - solid running shoes (and hiking too) with good cushioning.

This model is perfect for use in dry and warm weather: it’s not hot in sneakers, the foot is well ventilated. The cost of the pair is 7,990 rubles. Sneakers are designed for runners with a foot of medium width. The model perfectly fixes the heel. Forever Floatride Energy is suitable for amateur jogging on short, medium and long distances.



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