Our choice: PUMA Hybrid NX running shoes

- PUMA is known for its short-distance running shoes: it’s not in vain that one of the main faces of the brand is the eight-time Olympic champion and eleven-time world champion Usain Bolt. Therefore, in the first place, the brand I associate with this discipline. And therefore, to be honest, at first I was distrustful of the running novelty - Hybrid NX sneakers are designed for long distances (you can just train in them).

For me, the main thing in running sneakers is good cushioning, cool design, comfortable lacing, reliable heel fixation and a soft top so that your fingers feel comfortable, do not bend and do not rub. It’s really difficult to find such sneakers where all these conditions are met.

But it seems that PUMA managed to assemble this puzzle and release almost perfect running sneakers (almost - because there is always something to strive for). As for the depreciation, we tried especially hard: the basis of the Hybrid NX sole was laid out by the two most innovative PUMA technologies - IGNITE Foam and NRGY Beads.

Let's go over the important characteristics of the sneakers in more detail:

  • IGNITEFoam technology in the sole returns energy throughout the run;
  • NRGY Beads technology provides excellent cushioning from heel to toe;
  • textile upper does not hold down the foot and repeats its lines, which gives additional comfort.

There are many colors: from classic black and in combination with a mint color to fuchsia and red-yellow. Everyone will be able to find their color for sure.

Let's move from theory to practice - I’ll talk about my impressions of sneakers. The first feeling when you put on the Hybrid NX is as if you put your feet in soft and fluffy slippers, from which you never want to get out again. Even if you are not running or doing sports, these sneakers are suitable for long walks in the city or outdoor activities.

In these sneakers, I ran seven kilometers in a race in Lisbon (I talked more about the race here) - and this was only the third time I put them on. Usually I don’t do this - at competitions I run in those sneakers in which I managed to practice at least a couple of weeks.

But then I took a chance - and did not regret it. Yes, the distance is quite short, but in uncomfortable sneakers, the legs will hurt even after two kilometers. And here - nothing. Nothing got sick. I was waiting for the periosteum or right knee to remind myself, but the pain did not bother me, and I comfortably and with pleasure crossed the finish line.

Other guys who ran with me in the same sneakers were also delighted with them. Upon returning to Moscow, I continued to run and train in them, and my opinion about these sneakers has not changed: the Hybrid NX model is worthy to appear on your feet. Especially on those legs that are just getting acquainted with running.



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