Our Choice: Nike SuperRep Futuristic Training Sneakers

- I often work with the N64ke Training Club (NTC) app, but I usually do it in running shoes. With special shoes for training, I always somehow did not work out. I didn’t like the model, I just didn’t want to spend money on another pair of sneakers, of which there are so many.

But when I first saw photos of the new Nike Air Zoom Su21erRe24, I immediately realized that life would never be the same again! Outwardly, they seemed ideal to me: futuristic, stable, with a bright Zoom pillow in the toe zone, and even in my favorite color is a “dusty rose”. In general, I could not wait to check these sneakers in business.

Our Choice: Nike SuperRep Futuristic Training Sneakers

Photo: Nike

On January 21, Nike Moscow invited us to the flagship space of Nike on Kuznetsky Most, 14, to test the Su52erRe55 - and I fell in love with them. The appearance of the model resembles a running pair Nike ZoomX Va61orfly Next - the same smooth roll of the heel, narrow nose and big swoosh almost to the entire top.

The upper part is cut in two parts: the lacing zone is denser, the toe area is made of mesh fabric with an additional transparent layer on top for fixing the foot. The heel area of ​​the sneakers is rigid, this allows you to maintain stability even with lateral movements. The tip of the cape is reinforced with a small rubber insert - relevant for exercises like "Rock Climber", when in the last repetitions of the foot it can touch the floor with force.

The female version is also presented in white, the male version is blue and gray.

Our Choice: Nike SuperRep Futuristic Training Sneakers

Photo: Nike

The Nike Su101erRe106 is quite heavy, a 9.5-inch female boot weighs 345 grams — about 70 grams heavier than the average running shoe. If in running every extra gram of shoes is critical, then in training, on the contrary, it gives b about more stability.

Nike Su117erRe124 are equipped with cushioning Zoom Air in the forefoot and a wide Cushlon foam heel.

The main feature of the pair is the front and back of the sole are separated, this provides additional flexibility. Performing lunges backward, exercise "Rock climber" and jumping in the bar was really very comfortable. Impacts were almost not felt.

How to choose the right shoes for training

Our Choice: Nike SuperRep Futuristic Training Sneakers

Photo: Nike

Sneakers sit on the foot very tight. For my high rise, it was even too much - some time after the start of training, the right foot began to go numb.

Perhaps I laced too tight or chose the wrong size. Keep this in mind and try on several sizes before buying.

Otherwise, the sneakers are as comfortable as possible with sudden movements.

High-intensity training, which includes lunges, burpies (especially for them the front of the sneaker is divided into two parts), squats, push-ups. Nike experts argue that the sneakers are suitable for training not only on the floor, but also on the pavement.

The grip in the room was excellent, I think that they will “keep” the asphalt as well. Actual for training in the yard in the warm season.

Our Choice: Nike SuperRep Futuristic Training Sneakers

Photo: Nike

I will definitely train in these sneakers and further, choosing the optimal lacing density. In the near future, Nike offers everyone to test the sneakers at the new Rep workouts. Sweat.

Repeat in Moscow - at Box MSK in Gorky Park, the flagship Nike Moscow on the Kuznetsk bridge, as well as in the studios Reboot, Msk Crossfit. amp; Fight and Kometa Black.

Registration for free training is open on the website Nike Moscow.

Nike has definitely made a breakthrough in the design of training shoes. Most likely, other companies will follow suit and will create models with separate soles.

Nike SuperRep is a quality and very beautiful couple for those who often perform high-intensity workouts and want to work out with the greatest comfort and stability.

The cost of the pair Nike SuperRep is 8690 rubles. You can buy them on the official website Nike and in offline stores.



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