Our Choice: Meditopia Meditation App


Who developed the application: Turkish and German scientists and yoga teachers. Now the Medito10ia team has more than 20 employees, the company has offices in Berlin and Istanbul.

To whom Medito18ia is suitable: for office employees, freelancers, young mothers, students, retirees, and even those who have long been familiar with meditation and practice it regularly.

What other advantages does Mediatopia have: a pleasant female voice, a stylish interface, bewitching pictures of nature, unusual music (for example, 7 minutes of a Buddhist gong or a composition performed by an Egyptian harp), high sound quality.

Where to start: after downloading the application you need to answer a few questions, and the algorithm will offer you a selection of meditation sessions of different durations - from five to twenty minutes.

How much: from 189 rubles per month. There is a free trial period.



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