Our choice: Italian's Youtube channel for spectacular cooking

Gennaro Contaldo is not just a first-class Italian chef, capable of cooking divine pasta in two counts (or rather in 6 minutes). It is also the "culinary father" of the famous cook and restaurateur Jamie Oliver. It is known that it was Contaldo who became the mentor of Oliver at the beginning of his career.

Today, Gennaro runs the BBC Breakfast, Saturday Kitchen and Good Food Live TV shows, starring for the Jamie Oliver channel, and in his free time he cooks and instills a love for Italian cuisine to viewers on their Youtube channel. The fact that he does it noisily and lovingly brought him fame and recognition of 500 thousand fans around the world.

This year Gennaro celebrated his 70th birthday with his family and friends. And it seems that the Italian is not going to stop there and end his career. This is another reason to watch his video - in them you will not only see simple ways to prepare delicious dishes, but also find a cure for fear of old age.



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