Our choice: instagram of an artist who paints under water

Olga Belka is a professional driver. She lives in Thailand and teaches diving to locals and tourists. Each time she went scuba diving, she wanted to capture the underwater beauty, but the photos and videos did not fully convey her. Now Olga combines a profession and a hobby: she draws directly under water.

To write one picture, she makes several dives, each lasting an hour and a half.

According to Olga, in her work she uses paints that are safe for the environment and marine life. Basically, she paints landscapes and still lifes with props. She also makes portraits of people, and in this case, the sitter dives under the water with her. In 2018, Olga hosted the first exhibition of underwater paintings. Periodically, she holds master classes in underwater painting in different countries.

Cover photo provided by by Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort.



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