Our choice: “In My Room” - a film about the last person on earth

The cameraman Armin is going through a difficult period in his life. His grandmother is in a coma and needs to be taken care of. Problems at work: he removes terrible stories, his superiors are unhappy. In personal life, too, at random: the girls run away from him, it does not even come to sex. Once Armin wakes up in a new world from which all people have disappeared for inexplicable reasons.

How to live further is unclear.

According to the precepts of modern cinema, the world after the apocalypse should be on fire: everyone is attacked by zombies or some other monsters, the survivors fight for resources and kill each other - this we have seen in more than one movie. Ulrich Köhler shows the apocalypse everyday. The end of the world is not even the plot of history, but rather an occasion to speculate about something more. The hero who survived the end of the world does not try to figure out the reasons for what happened, does not seek other people and adventures.

Armin makes a successful role model for all viewers. It is difficult to imagine yourself in the place of the heroes of zombie horror, but in the place of the restless Armin, who does not know what to do, it is very easy.

In one of his essays, director Köhler states a simple but important idea: art cannot be a means to an end, art is outside of politics. In post-apocalyptic morality is easy to give out: they say that morality is destroyed outside culture, mankind has played so much that it destroyed the planet - many stories about the end of the world reveal these theses. Through of his hero, Köhler reflects on how a person outside of society is changing and whether anything is changing at all, but he does not make any definite conclusions about the nature of everything.

The teachings are not Köhler's method.

When Armin enters the role of Robinson, another survivor finds him. The parallel with Adam and Eve suggests itself, only the heroes of Köhler are the last people on earth (very ironic). Together they try to build their own paradise and for some time they succeed. The finale of their story at the same time speaks volumes and nothing.



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