Our choice: “How a doctor would be sick: little tricks of great healthcare” - a book on how to be an advanced patient

Let's be honest: few people understand how the health care system works in Russia. Even fewer people understand how to interact with her. Interact in such a way as to receive quality medical care. One phrase “state polyclinic” causes already unpleasant associations: rudeness, queues, disregard for attitude. At the same time, the images that arise when thinking about a private clinic are also no better: meaningless appointments, mercenary doctors.

It is completely incomprehensible where to go in case of illness or malaise.

The book “How a doctor would be ill” helps shed light on the device of this complex system and form a conditional plan of action. And she helps (as much as possible) to understand why everything is so. Without global generalizations, but with specific examples. So, the book describes why doctors in some state polyclinics with ARVI can prescribe immunomodulators to the patient.

Understanding the true motives, you most likely do not get embittered by doctors, but save.

What else did we especially like about the book.

Structure. She is impeccable (and we are not joking now). Firstly, the narrative is extremely logical - from an anxious search for information on the Internet and the choice of a medical institution to a doctor, confusion in a pharmacy and a second opinion.

Secondly, in each chapter there is a useful checklist with step-by-step recommendations and life hacks (I want to print them all out and hang them somewhere in a prominent place). And the book is full of examples - thanks to them it is easy to imagine all these hypothetical situations about incomprehensible appointments and Google diagnoses (to be honest, they are not so hypothetical, many of them will surely seem familiar to you).

Statement of information. Medical categories, generics, randomized controlled trials, dietary supplements - everything is written easily, clearly, without burdensome details, clearly and clearly.

Proofs and opinions of doctors.

In the book you will find footnotes indicating the sources from where the author scooped up information, as well as expert comments (we collaborate with many of them, for example, a wonderful gynecologist Tatyana Rumyantseva).

Humor. We’ll just leave it here:

"How the doctor would be sick: little tricks of great public health", Olga Kashubina

- The medical Internet is such a huge queue in the clinic: there are a lot of strangers to each other and everyone is talking about health and the health care system with the appearance of experts. Someone repeats after a neighbor, someone tries to sell dietary supplements of their own preparation, someone retells the contents of the book "Treat cancer with soda", bought in the passage for 50 rubles. Sometimes a doctor runs along the corridor, who can be pulled by the sleeve and clarified something.

Sometimes another doctor himself goes to the patients and gives an educational lecture, for example, that if it is suspected that the flu is suspected, it is better to call a therapist at home, rather than infecting neighbors in turn. But until any of these speakers introduces himself and explains how he knows what he is talking about, he should not be trusted.

In general, after the twentieth page I want to buy a few more copies and present them to friends and relatives. So that they no longer send links to dubious articles about detox and about the "miraculous" dietary supplements. So as not to say that all the doctors in private clinics are scammers, and all the doctors in the state ones are careless craps.

So as not to buy meaningless drugs without proven effectiveness and not endure to the last before making an appointment with a specialist.

And more. Although the book is written for patients, it does not make doctors bad . She does not put them in opposition. You just have the opportunity to look behind the scenes behind the scenes, see how it all works, and get instructions for use.




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