Our choice: graphic novels "Dracula" and "Around the World in 80 Days"

- I must admit right away that horrors and mystical thrillers are genres that, on the one hand, attract me, but on the other, are completely inaccessible to me. All blame is excessive impressionability (this is the official version). I get scared just by looking at Stephen King's books. Bram Stoker's legendary work, of course, was also left overboard. My vampire maximum is "

Real Ghouls

" and movies about Blade.

Nevertheless, I always wanted to know the story of Count Dracula - one of the most famous and most recognizable characters in world culture (you knew, for example, that even the correct sneezing technique is called

dracula sneeze

). I wanted (without harm to the psyche and night sleep) to plunge into the mysterious and dangerous world of Transylvania ... In general, the graphic novel "Dracula", compiled from the novel by Stoker, came in handy.

I'll start with the illustrations. All the characters are perfectly drawn, the artists managed to create and save to the last pages a frightening and sinister atmosphere. The case when text and images complement and continue each other. At first, when the count first appeared before Jonathan Harker, it seemed to me that Dracula looked a bit like Taras Bulba (at least I imagined him like that). I was even a little upset, I thought - well, that's it, now I'm not scared at all.

But then, with the development of the plot and the transformation of the vampire, of course, my opinion changed. Dracula and his insane minion are absolutely terrible types.

Now about the content: despite the abundance of the text, I did not get the impression that it was too much, as if it “outweighed” the visual part. I feel that designers had to spend a lot of time on layout to achieve such a balance. Plus, I liked some decisions, for example, that letters and documents are precisely handwritten texts on separate pages.

A good technique that allows you to further engage the reader in the story.

It seems to me that such a book will suit both fans of the classic novel and fearful neophytes (like me). Now I'm finally in the subject - I know the story of Count Dracula and Van Helsing and can sleep peacefully. Well, almost calmly ..




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