Our choice: Flagman eco-hotel near Moscow

Since I arrived in the evening, I immediately went to my room - a bright and spacious suite. At my disposal was a living room with a large sofa and wardrobe, as well as a bedroom with a super-comfortable bed. In the room I also found everything you need - a sufficient number of towels, slippers, hygiene items, a hairdryer.

In the flagship building there is a restaurant of the same name with Serbian cuisine - I went there for dinner. Most of all I was surprised by the huge assortment of dishes - I studied them for a long time before I could make a choice.

I liked that the menu has a section for children and offers for vegetarians. By the way, while I was having dinner, a children's party was held in the restaurant - with music, a DJ, animators and games. But since the room was spacious, no one bothered anyone.

In the morning of the next day, finally having a good sleep, I went to a deer farm. The taxi took half an hour (we drove to the store and bought apples on the way, this is an important condition for successful "communication" with animals).

All apples were safely fed good-natured and sociable deer. Honestly, at this moment my tiny nephews were very lacking, who would be happy to pet incredibly beautiful animals and treat them with fruit. Of course, such a farm is expanse for children. Having returned to the hotel (thanks to the taxi driver who was waiting for me), I went to prepare for the next point of the program - the hammam. Since I booked it, there was nobody there except me.

Hammam, pool, font, billiards - what else is needed for happiness? After water procedures, the time has come for a long-awaited lunch. At breakfast, the waiter asked what time it is preferable for me to have lunch and dinner, and by the time indicated the table was already set.

Before returning to Moscow, I drove in and walked around the small but very cozy town of Ruse - I went to a cute local history museum, and then also in a cool fish restaurant. In general, there are plenty of impressions for the weekend. If you go not for a couple of days, but for a whole week, you can visit the New Jerusalem Monastery, Savvino-Storozhevsky and Danilovsky Monasteries, the Komlevo estate, you can even go on a gastro tour of the peasant farms (the hotel staff will tell and orient you all).



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