Our Choice: “Do It Tomorrow” - a book about non-banal time management

Our Choice: “Do It Tomorrow” - a book about non-banal time management

- In the modern world, nothing not keep up - the norm. We are used to hearing from colleagues and friends that they again did not have enough time for something important. Strength is running out, but you still need to have time to do so much ...

Posts on social networks and books on store shelves are full of tips on how to organize your time. But let's be honest - few of them are put into practice. “Get up at five in the morning to charge for the whole day” and “Perform only one task at a time” - it sounds cool, but it’s hardly applicable to the life of an ordinary city dweller. Mark Forster, an American personal efficiency trainer, decided that this would not work. He wrote a small book (less than 200 pages), which succinctly set out his own vision of time management.

Before “Do It Tomorrow,” Forster released two editions on how to overcome problems in work and personal life using time management: “How to keep up with everything and relax” (Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play) and How to Make Your Dreams Come True. The third book appeared as a result of many years of experience in personal consultations and presentations.

"Do it tomorrow" contains practical tips on managing affairs and time. How to live in an era of too many tasks, how to parse email and to-do lists, what to do with urgent tasks, whether it is possible to manage the time of other people - the book has clear answers to these and other questions. After each section there are exercises - with their help, you can consolidate the knowledge gained.

"Time is the environment we live in. Complaining about a lack of time is like complaining about a lack of water for fish in the sea."

  • Have a clear vision. You must know exactly what you want to do and what you don’t want to do.
  • Do things in turn.

    Do not grab at once for everything.

  • Work little and often. So the "reactive brain" that lives in us with the rational will be easier to cope with large tasks.
  • Set the boundaries. Give the brain a specific problem, and it will solve it.

  • Keep closed lists. Lists to which you cannot add more than a certain number of cases reduce stress levels and allow you to quickly complete your plan.
  • Reduce the number of accidents. Especially those that distract from work.
  • Put obligations above interest.

    Commitment forces the brain to make decisions.

Manyana (from Spanish mañana - "tomorrow") - the art of doing work, putting it off until tomorrow. It is this principle that is brought to the title of the book. At first glance, it may seem that the author does not suggest being lazy. But this is not so.

The essence of the principle is not to rush to perform incoming tasks right there, but to collect them in a separate folder (virtual, physical, mental) and perform the next day. This will help to avoid chaos and structure daily life.

For those who can’t learn how to manage their time, no matter how hard he tried. For those who have problems with self-organization, people with creative tasks and those who do not want to do too much. Simply put, the book will be useful to almost everyone.

In Russian, “Do it tomorrow” has been translated and printed by the small publishing studio “Pole”. The second edition has already been released. The book is small in size, so it fits easily in a purse or backpack. It can be read in several trips to work or in one flight by plane.



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