Our choice: CINEMOOD portable projector

- We do not have a ban on cartoons, my daughter watches them, as a rule, on YouTube on a large screen, less often on a laptop or phone. Of course, Lisa has already learned how to manage all devices and sometimes includes videos from "children's" bloggers, which my husband and I do not always like. (Taking this opportunity, please tell us in the comments which bloggers your children are watching.)

The cube that shows the cartoons did not surprise my daughter. It seems to me that children in general are rapidly mastering everything new - we quickly figured out the interface, she immediately understood which buttons to press to select a cartoon.

By the way, the device can be controlled with buttons and through the application on the smartphone.

In the cube, cartoons are pre-installed - both multi-part (for example, “Smeshariki”, “Mi-mi-bears”, “Flash and Wonder Cars”, “Duck Tales”), and full-length (“Smeshariki. Beginning” , "The Lion King", "Cars"), audio fairy tales, music and filmstrips. Well, in our case, there is still ivi service content. Lisa loves filmstrips - last year we found old films and now we watch them sometimes.

But to be honest, it annoys me a little to turn the wheel (especially when someone playful hands rewind slides forward and backward). Here you can also scroll through the slides using the button on the cube or in the application. Thanks from the lazy parent!

Of course, I worry about cartoons and vision. Despite the fact that recent studies indicate the lack of connection between the TV, gadgets and myopia, I try to show cartoons only on the big screen. I'm so calmer.

The projection on the wall we have exceeded the size of the TV - my inner anxious parent has nothing to complain about.

My husband and I are waiting for the opportunity to watch some good cinema on the home "big screen" (the main thing is to choose it in advance, we have half of our free time to agree). At the weekend, take a cube "on a visit" to grandparents. And in the summer, we will definitely arrange a viewing in the country with friends.



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