Our Choice: Animated Life - A film about a boy with autism

In three years, Owen stopped talking, playing and closed. Doctors diagnosed the boy with regressive autism and did not reassure him: most likely, Owen will no longer be able to build relationships with others. Gradually, the family begins to communicate with the boy through dialogues from The Little Mermaid, Mowgli, and Alladin. Owen comes to life: learns to read by credits, uses moments from cartoons to express feelings, and already in adulthood makes friends, a girl and moves from parents.

If "Animated Life" was a feature film, it would be like advertising Disney products and it would be vulgar.

But the documentary "Animated Life" is not about how Hollywood movies divorced from reality shape characters. This is a movie about family love that helps a person with special needs. It is worth looking to see how life-affirming such a story can be. Contemporary Russian cinema on the same topic (for example, “Anton is nearby” by Lyubov Arkus) is directly opposite in sound.



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