Our choice: an application that monitors the correct execution of exercises

One of the main advantages of training with a personal trainer is that the specialist monitors your exercise technique, and this allows you to achieve excellent results and avoid injuries. In addition, the coach motivates you and does not allow you to be lazy towards the end of the lesson, when you already feel tired and begin to perform exercises not at full strength.

But what if there is no opportunity to constantly engage in the gym? For this case, the Fittonic application was invented. A virtual personal trainer sees and hears you, inspires and makes sure that you perform the exercises correctly.

The application was created by developers from Russia and Belarus, and a team of fitness instructors also participated in the creation.

They managed to teach the neural network to analyze user actions and give feedback.

After downloading, the application will prompt you to indicate your level of physical fitness:

  • initial - if you exercise rarely or want to return to classes after a long break,
  • medium - if you usually train 2-3 times a week,
  • advanced - for those who are in great shape and ready for serious loads.

Next, you need to go through a trial three-minute training. Make sure the speakers and camera are turned on in your smartphone, and also set the smartphone upright. If you do not have a special holder, you can use as a support for a smartphone, for example, a stack of books.

Then you need to move so far that with the front camera the gadget can "see" you at full height.

As a test exercise, the virtual trainer suggests performing 20 squats. First, a video appears on the screen - the trainer shows how to perform the exercise. Then you repeat the same thing yourself.

"The knees are exactly above the ankles", "Squat to the parallel to the floor", "Do not forget about breathing" - the virtual assistant from the application comments on the training.

And the trainer fixes all errors, after the completion of the lesson you can watch on the video those moments where the technique of the exercises was broken. The trainer will notice the insufficient depth of the squat, and the wrong position of the feet.

The results of the training can be shared on social networks. The application also captures the time during which you coped with the exercises. By analyzing this indicator, you can track your progress.



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