Our choice: a site that helps you monitor your posture

Fix Posture

evaluates a person’s posture at the computer using a webcam. To start, you need to go to the site, allow access to the camera, sit straight and press the Start button. Special technology will remember the correct position of the eyes and shoulders. If the user starts to stoop, lean on his hand or lean sideways, the text on the screen will become blurred. The sharpness will return as soon as the person assumes the starting position.

According to the idea of ​​the creator, the site solves the problem of incorrect posture during a long sitting at the computer. There are recommendations on the project website for maintaining correct posture: the screen should be at eye level, legs should be on the floor, hips parallel to the ground, shoulders not rounded, back straight. It also states that "strange postures" become the cause of poor posture: sitting at the computer "in Turkish", with legs raised on the table or with the head resting on the arm.

To maintain proper posture, the creator of Fix Posture advises you to train back muscles , to make a working the place is comfortable and pick up a comfortable chair, and also sleep on the correct mattress and pillow .

Similar advice is given by the American Occupational Safety and Health Administration and British National Health Service :

  • the shoulders are relaxed behind the computer,
  • the hands are bent at the elbows at an angle of 90-120 degrees, the forearms are parallel to the floor ,
  • the lower back is supported by the back of the chair or an additional roller,
  • the legs are fully supported on the floor (you can use the stand), the knees are located below the level of the hips.

Due to the wrong posture at the table, people

get tired more

, for some,


begins to hurt. Until scientists find a connection between a pose at the computer and back pain . The most effective pain prevention is still


physical exercises. During the working day, it is important that you

get up

every 30 minutes and more.

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