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Life as a coloring book for adults

And now we finally come to the point. Now I am going to show you what the process of just f * cking do it and how to achieve success in life looks like.

For me, succeeding means living in the tropics and working for myself. For you, this may mean getting a promotion or the ability to stay in the office for a week without drowning in the flow of incoming letters. Maybe it's a circumnavigation in an origami canoe.

I do not know your life. But the beauty of just f * cking do it philosophy is that anything is possible with it.

Just f * cking do it consists of three steps.

  1. Strategy building: set a goal and develop a plan for achieving it with the help of several small manageable stages.
  2. Concentration: Allocate time to complete each step.

  3. Fulfillment: do what you need to go through all your stages.

This is what these steps looked like before I thought: damn, what the hell!

In order to achieve my GOAL, to leave the office of a large corporation with all the nishtyaks, provided by the company - I needed funds. At first I threw a fishing rod to my freelance friends. I asked them how much time after opening a business it took them to start receiving orders, and then money for their fulfillment. Given their answers and comparing them with my plans, I came to the conclusion that three-month savings is enough for me - mortgages, insurance, phone bills, pizza expenses and so on - to stay afloat until I manage to get my business started.

But when I added up my monthly expenses and multiplied them by three ... an impressive amount was obtained. Usually nest egg should be like that.

So my STRATEGY consisted of optimization: a beautiful word meaning "to break a big task into many small manageable pieces, which can then be distributed in time." I made the calculations. It was impossible to accumulate such an amount in two weeks, but collecting it over the course of the year was quite realistic.

Then I made a diagram of 365 squares and hung it on the refrigerator. Each box was one day of accumulation.

Then, every morning for a whole year, I CONCENTRED for a couple of minutes on one thought: I deleted all the banking applications, transferred a small amount from the current account to the savings account, and painted a square in my chart with a red marker.

Every day is a small COMMITMENT. This was not a blow to my checkbook, because I divided the overall goal into 365 small goals.

As time passed, I looked at the increasing number of red squares on the refrigerator door and became more and more happy, thinking about what they were. This is real money, cash, yes, but also freedom from office slavery (and as a result - the sun all year round and unlimited access to palm trees).

Thanks to the fact that I calmly moved towards the goal in small manageable steps, I was able to perform even more tasks along the way than I was going without feeling overloaded and tired.

For example, setting myself the goal of quitting work and starting my own freelance business (and applying the just f * cking do it strategy on these fronts), I made a deal: I received an order to write the book "Magical Pofigism." Hurrah! True, there was one catch: the book — 40,000 words — was to be written in an absurdly short time — one month.

Yes, that's right. One damn month, his mother.

It’s eleven months less than I saved money, eight months less than I need to bear a child, and two months less than the trial period of using a thousand dollars Cas34er mattress, after which you can return it and get money back if you are unhappy goods.

Well, I wanted to write a book on time, but not go crazy and drive my husband crazy. What have I done? I looked at the calendar and made another plan. I counted the number of words I need to give out on the mountain every day, given the forced weekend due to a hangover. Then she set aside a certain number of hours a day, sat down and, as you know, did everything right.

Strategy, concentration, aspiration.

This is what the just f * cking do it process looks like.

The same can be said about building a house and moving to the Caribbean. Yes, I had to sacrifice something, however, like accumulating a stabilization fund for leaving work, these victims were distributed over time. My husband and I developed strategy , considering that we can afford it and how long it will last, focused on small fragments of the general task (he made loan applications, and I corresponded with the builders ) So we devoted ourselves, financially and morally, to the achievement of the global goal and the small, light mini-goals encountered along the way.

In this regard, life is like a coloring book for adults. You just take turns working on individual fragments until the whole picture appears in front of you.

The new house was ready, and it was time to put up our Brooklyn apartment for sale. When it was sold, it was time to get rid of the old furniture. Then - arrange a move.

Then - pack. Then wake up in paradise, where birds chirp and palm trees sway with leaves and "MY GOD! IS THIS GIANT SPIDER?"

But I was distracted.

Take colored pencils, because now you will have fun doing an exercise that will show you my point!



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