Our Choice: 4 Favorite Bloggers from The Challenger

June 14 is International Blogger Day. On this occasion, the Challenger editors decided to tell whom they read and watch on Runet with pleasure.

Nastya Baranova

editor of The Challenger

They say skiers do not like snowboarders. But this is not true: here I am skiing, but on Instagram I follow not only the skiers, but also the coolest snowboarders in Russia. One of them is Alina Balashova, bronze medalist of the Russian Snowboard Cup 2013 in the disciplines of big air and slopestyle.

In February 2017, Alina received a serious knee injury and recovered for a long time, it was unclear whether she would be able to ride on. Everything turned out fine, and now Alina rolls the puff and jumps tricks in the most beautiful places of our country! After viewing her photographs, I want to urgently escape to Krasnaya Polyana and Kamchatka - climb the mountains for a few seconds of descent, catch the rays of the dawn sun, fool around with friends and enjoy every minute of life. Alina often talks about cool events and places for extreme sports - for example, about summer wake spots in Moscow for the summer. After all, getting up on the board is never too late! In general, if sports and an active lifestyle are yours, urgently subscribe to Alina on Instagram.

Galya Khatiashvili

Editor-in-chief, COO of The Challenger

I often think that I lack humanitarian knowledge.

And it is not clear how to make up for it. The literary channel "Armen and Fedor" has become such a source for me. It is led by my good friend Armen Zakharyan. I get incredible pleasure listening to his essay (not to be called otherwise!) About the Odyssey, Ulysses or The Name of the Rose. Like a sip of cold homemade lemonade after a long road in the dust.

Anya Shchekina

The Challenger chief editor

Most of the bloggers I watch and read are professional photographers and journalists. But today it’s not about them, but about Nastya Zinkovich, a young, beautiful and unmarried girl from Karelia who dared to become an adoptive mother for little Ulyana, a girl with Down syndrome. In her 5 years, Ulyana did not speak, walked poorly and had many psychological problems. Under the strict guidance of Nastya, Ulya made a huge leap in development, but most importantly, she became an ordinary happy child. How to be a good mother for a child with disabilities, how to withstand this difficult "challenge" for a lifetime? Nastya came up with a technique called "I am the sea.

" When it becomes difficult, she says to herself: "I am the sea. A deep, strong sea. And let the waves rage, but this is not the bottom. The bottom is deeper, it cannot be reached. There is a resource, there is strength, there is peace.


Anya Tyuchkalova

The Challenger editor

Lenya Pashkovsky is the most honest travel blogger, in my opinion. In the blog “I want to go home” he travels to the most dangerous places that are not included in the tourist guides and which are not at all suitable for a relaxing holiday. Over the two years of the existence of the YouTube channel, he managed to visit Iran, Pakistan, Venezuela, Burma, Haiti and a number of other places. In all countries, he interviews local people and shows how ordinary people live. Therefore, this is not even a YouTube blog, but a whole documentary series.

The main idea, which, it seems to me, is conveyed by Pashkovsky, is this: everywhere people are about the same. You can live in Indian slums, but radiate optimism and kindness (and this is an occasion to think about the eternal: being determines consciousness or consciousness - being).



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