Our Choice: 180 Degree Podcast - About People Who Dare to Change Their Life

The authors of the project “180 degrees” Anna Kovaleva and Konstantin Koloskov invite to the studio heroes who once looked back at their lives and realized: it’s time to change everything. These people went out of their comfort zone, and after a 180-degree turn, all the fun began. So, the former lawyer became a clown who works in a hospital and helps those who are seriously ill to hold on to life. A strategist from an advertising agency became a director. An office employee is a free photographer living in two countries.

The 180 degrees podcast talks about how everyone can change their life and it's never too late to do it. Yes, difficulties are possible on the way to the dream. But you must definitely try!

Anna Kovaleva

author of the podcast "180 degrees"

Once we accidentally met with Konstantin (co-author of the project. - Approx. Ed.

.) And talked: it turned out that I love to interview, but he loves podcasts and knows everything about them. There was an idea to make a joint project. We wanted to tell inspiring stories of people who are not afraid to follow a dream and boldly change their lives. Our heroes follow their inner voice, and do not act according to the principles and stereotypes accepted in society.

We decided that it would be a podcast. This is primarily convenient: the audio format does not claim visual attention - you can listen to the releases in the car, while walking or jogging, on the way to work.

In the first season we told the stories of our friends and acquaintances. When the project became famous, the guests began to find us themselves. We are very grateful to the heroes for their sincerity and openness.

We try to ask about what concerns us ourselves. The 180 Degree Podcast is a way to talk about what's really important. I hope that we inspire people to look for what they like.



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