One simple habit that can radically change your life

It improves mood, fights against apathy, helps in career and personal life, and also resists diseases. She is a smile. And she is omnipotent. Scientists confirm.

If you were told that there is a simple remedy that will help relieve stress, make new friends and extend your life? Surely you would not believe.

And in vain. There is such a tool. It is a smile.

One simple habit that can radically change your life

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A familiar pattern: we are happy - that means we are smiling.

A smile is an indicator of joy. And what will happen if you smile when there is no reason for joy? In this case, we program the brain for a feeling of happiness.

"Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes, on the contrary, a smile can become the source of your joy," said the Buddhist monk Thich Nyat Han. Scientific research confirms his words. If you smile quite often, the brain is rebuilt from negative scenarios (by the way, the most characteristic of it) to positive ones.

As a result, a person becomes happier.

"The next time you get stuck in a traffic jam or find yourself in another unpleasant situation, try - let it be taut at first - to smile," advises Sarah Pressman, professor of psychology at the University of California. "This will help deal with the situation, reduce stress and normalizes heart rate. "

Fact: an adult smiles on average 20 times a day, a child - 400 times.

One simple habit that can radically change your life

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Norman Rosenthal, professor of psychiatry at the Georgetown School of Medicine, revealed an interesting pattern: those people who stop frowning are more likely to recover from depression.

Together with cosmetologist Eric Finzi Rosnetal examined 74 patients with a diagnosis of depression. Botox injections between the eyebrows were given to everyone, because of which people could not frown. Six weeks later, 52% of the participants in the experiment said that their depressive thoughts were less frequent. Mimicry defines our state of mind: if we frown, we are unhappy, and vice versa - a happy, calm facial expression gives us strength.

It is interesting how the research of Rosenthal-Finzi echoes the practice of French psychiatrists of the XIX century. When treating patients who had lost their taste for life, they used electrical impulses to make the facial muscles stretch out like a smile (cruel, but effective practice.)

One simple habit that can radically change your life

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A smile can be a cure for fatal diagnoses. Biochemists believe that cancer patients, who smile more often, experience less stress, and as a result, remission.

An interesting study with extremely intriguing results was conducted by Wayne University staff in 2010. The width of a smile can predict life expectancy. Scientists have studied photographs of 1950s baseball players. Those who did not smile in the photographs lived an average of 72.9 years.

Those who had a slight smile on their lips lived to about 75 years old. And finally, the average life expectancy of baseball players smiling broadly at photographs is 79.9 years. Coincidence? Scientists don’t think so. A smile reduces the level of cortisol - the hormone of stress, - increases the level of endorphin and dopamine (hormones of joy), stabilizes blood pressure.

As a result, a happier and longer life.

One simple habit that can radically change your life

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Smile is a strong marriage. Spouses who do not smile in joint photographs get divorced five times more often than spouses who smile. This conclusion was made by a study of the medical school of Emory University, USA.

Another study conducted by DePo University (USA) is also interesting. According to the data received, if a person smiles in his childhood photos - in the future he will have a strong marriage. If the child in the photo is gloomy and removed, there is a high probability of a divorce when he reaches middle age.

One simple habit that can radically change your life

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Smile is an attraction.

A person who smiles seems more beautiful to others (a plus in his personal life) and, most interestingly, the most competent (a plus in his career). This is proved by another study at the University of Pennsylvania, USA.

A smile is a friendship. If someone is smiling at the company, the rest simply cannot remain gloomy.

British scientists believe: one sincere smile affects the brain in the same way as 2,000 bars of chocolate.

So smile more often. It costs you nothing.



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