One-Hand Kettlebell Press - Powerful Upper Body Workout

Standing chest press is one of the classic exercises for developing the muscles of the shoulder girdle, along with a barbell or dumbbell bench press. The weight itself is different in form from the indicated shells, which gives rise to certain differences in the technique of the exercise.

Features of the exercise

In contrast to the dumbbell or barbell presses, muscles of the whole body work during the kettlebell press. During the movement, the projectile lies on the forearm and seeks to pull your hand to the side from a vertical position. This forces you to make extra efforts to stabilize.

One-Hand Kettlebell Press - Powerful Upper Body Workout

The highest load of the bench press creates the deltoid muscles. In particular, the middle and front bundle. The upper part of the trapezium and triceps are also involved. The stabilization function is performed by the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abs and back.

Exercises with a weight well develop muscle strength, coordination, improve flexibility and joint mobility.

In modern sports and online stores, weights of various weights are presented, and not just the classic ones of 8, 16 and 32 kilograms. Thanks to this, not only strong and healthy men, but even fragile girls can join weight-lifting fitness.

To start training, it is better to purchase a pair of light shells, and as you practice the equipment, you can always increase the weight.

One-handed kettlebell press should be performed with caution to people who have problems with the spine. Before starting classes, it is better to consult a doctor.

This is true for any strength training, that is, weight-lifting fitness in this regard is not considered more dangerous.


Starting position: while standing, the weight is raised to the chest, it lies comfortably on the forearm from the outside of the arm. In this case, the wrist is turned with the back to the body and forms one straight line with the forearm. The brush does not bend inward or outward. The muscles of the whole body are toned, the press is tightened, the feet are shoulder-width apart, the back is straight.

One-Hand Kettlebell Press - Powerful Upper Body Workout

  1. On the exhale, straighten the elbow joint and squeeze the weight up. While moving, you turn your hand a little so that at the top point your wrist is turned back forward.
  2. On exhalation - return the projectile to its original position on the chest. Throughout the exercise, do not relax the muscles of the body and legs. Do the right number of repetitions.

After finishing the approach, change your hand and do the exercise on the other side. A variant of the press of two weights at once is possible, it all depends on your level of physical fitness.

Standing weights can be combined with other exercises. It can be the masses of weights, Turkish lifts, cup squats, etc. In fact, you can create a comprehensive workout for the whole body using only this type of projectile.

Important points

In order for your workouts to bring only positive results, pay attention to a few simple recommendations:

  • Do not allow the brush to bend or unbend during the bench press . Your wrist is in line with the forearm - this is a prerequisite for the safety of ligaments and joints.
  • Keep your whole body tense while moving. Relaxation in the legs, buttocks or body should not be.
  • Relate to the choice of weight weights without fanaticism.

    Too heavy a projectile will not allow you to perform the exercise correctly and create a risk of injury. The market offers a huge number of options with dumbbells - for any color and size. Remember that a 32 kg kettlebell press can be done by a trained athlete, but not a beginner who has not previously engaged in power sports.

  • Pay attention not only to strength exercises, but also to stretching. It will make muscles and ligaments more elastic, movements will become cleaner, and the technique will be mastered much easier.

  • In this exercise, try to avoid jerking. Raise the shell under control and lower it in a controlled way.

Even if you previously trained your shoulders with dumbbells or a barbell by including lifting the kettlebell from your chest into your program, you will create an unusual load on the muscles, thereby creating an impetus for their growth and increase in strength.



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