Nike Launches New Never Ask Campaign

Within the framework of the campaign, three videos were presented, the main characters of which are united by courage and decisiveness, the desire to listen to oneself and the desire to act outside the framework of outdated rules.

The footballer Fedor Smolov, two-time world synchronized swimming champion took part in the filming Alexander Maltsev and the blind runner Alexander Fedoseyev.

The first video from the series tells the story of Fedor Smolov. The striker’s career has not always been successful, and he knows the long, goalless series of games. But this did not prevent the football player from becoming the top scorer of the Russian championship twice in a row, despite the doubts of those around him.

Synchronist Alexander Maltsev once- I couldn’t even think about the championship. But he proved that love of one's work and faith in oneself will help not only to fulfill a dream, but also to change the whole system.

Nike appreciates the history of each athlete: from the Olympic champion to novice runner. The third hero of the "Never Ask" campaign was Elena Fedoseyeva, who lost her sight at age 12. For the girl, this did not become an obstacle: she ran hundreds of kilometers of races and is now preparing for the first triathlon.



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