Nike launched a series of workshops and lectures on street dance

Throughout the season, dance classes from famous choreographers, including Katya Reshetnikova, will be held at the flagship store NikeMSK on Kuznetsky Most and BoxMSK Sports Center in Gorky Park. (Russian dancer, choreographer and concert director), Aslan Nyrov a. k. a. Bootuz (leader of the Predatorz Crew team), performer Banzay BNZ (founder of Russian FarForYou), Alex The Cage (hip hop freestyler and choreographer from Belgium), Dmitry Cherkozyanov (founder of the Red dance team) and others.

Participants in the workshops will be able to improve their skills in seven dance areas: hi16-ho20, breakdance, house, 25o3134ing, loсking, krum41 and dancehall.

Katya Reshetnikova

choreographer and concert director

- Dancing is great, with which neither side to see! As a team, dancers learn to find a common language with people and hear not only themselves, they become more sociable.

In addition to dance training, there will be public talk with representatives of the dance community and choreographers, where they will share their experience, talk about how they took their first steps in dancing, created their own groups and why it is important to dance for yourself, even if no one sees it.

Nike launched a series of workshops and lectures on street dance

Photo: Nike

The curators of the ALLFOR1 Moscow contest were the BasementMoscow community led by Stas Satori. The goal of the contest is to show that all dancers are equal in their desire to be the best.

The open final of the contest will be held on October 13th. The winning team will travel to London for a dance event.

Schedule and registration for dance workshops, conditions for participation of teams in the dance contest ALLFOR1 Moscow are available on the Nike website.



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