Nike introduced an environmentally friendly collection of sneakers

The S10ace Hi1722y collection includes four new recycled material silhouettes.

Each model is named with serial numbers: Space Hippie 1, Space Hippie 2, Space Hippie 3 and Space Hippie 4. Sneakers 85% consist of the new, technologically advanced Poly material, which is made from recycled bottles, T-shirts and leftover yarn. Thanks to this composition, the top and top tactile sneakers reminiscent of the Nike Flyknit model.

Seana Hannah

Nike Sustainable Innovation Vice President

- We We believe that the future of the product lies in non-waste production.

We must think about the whole process: how we design the product, how we produce, use, process and what we do with waste at each stage. These are the basics of non-waste thinking. The best practices are based on them.

The Space Hippie collection will go on sale in the spring. You can buy sneakers in Nike stores and on the official website.

The cost of new models is still unknown.



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