Nick Piotrovsky: “Avalanche is an insidious enemy for any person who is in the mountains”

For the past 11 years I have been skiing only off-piste. Mostly in wild places, away from the ski lifts, or where few people go. During this time, I launched an indecent avalanche a lot - about fifty sizes 2 and 3 (according to the Canadian avalanche classification system, size 2 is an avalanche weighing about 100 tons and 100 meters long, it can injure or kill a person. 3 - it is about 1,000 tons and a length of 1,000 meters, can turn cars, demolish houses and break trees. - Approx.

ed. ) . I am a pro rider and I ride very well, so in all cases I was ready for the avalanche to go down. I chose the descent line so that either the avalanche would descend without dragging me along, or I would leave it at high speed and then go aside. Of course, it fell into some kind of avalanche, it tumbled over me, threw me off the rocks and hit the trees.

Inhaled snow, experienced a slight shock, but always remained on the surface.

Only twice I was seriously scared for my life. In the first case, I flew in a fast avalanche along a steep slope, I did not see anything. I just managed to turn my legs down, I was thrown twice off the cliffs, and I demolished a small dry tree. Escaped with a rupture of the meniscus.

In the second case, an avalanche of very dense snow carried me to a steep rocky slope. But in the place where I was, she stopped. If an avalanche drove three hundred meters down, under the most optimistic scenario, I would be hit by stones. If the avalanche had not stopped, it might not have survived at all.

I am lucky to have survived these cases.

After the second two seasons passed, I still ride off-piste, but I became much more careful. These two avalanches prompted me to make a film about mountain safety - Freerider Day. Its purpose is to tell beginners about what you should not do off-piste and what you should think about if you want to ride happily ever after.

The schedule of the film "Freerider Day" can be found here .



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