New Challenges from 2018 World Cup Ambassadors: Participate and Win Prizes

The 2018 FIFA World Cup ambassadors - the Paralympic swimming champion Olesya Vladykina and the Olympic tennis champion Elena Vesnina - pose new challenges for you. Turn on the fantasy and complete their tasks.

There should be no excuses for playing sports - and the team of champions proves it! Olesya Vladykina announces challenge: this summer go in for sports in the fresh air, prove that you can train anywhere. Upload photos or videos of your workouts on social networks with hashtags # Hold_pas and # Vladykina Challenge and tag your friends. Everything, you are in the team!

Do you want to become part of the team of champions, but active sports - not yours at all? There is a solution - freeze! Static exercises are the key to your success and a chance to win cool prizes.

Get into any static pose - planks, lotus, swallows - and post photos on your social networks with the hashtags # Hold_pass and # Vesnina Challenge. Tell me in the description what you were thinking about while you were doing it. Become more concentrated and athletic!

You can read more challenging, interesting and useful materials on the site of the project "Team of Champions". Follow the link and get better!



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