Neural network invented a new sport - speedgate

The American advertising agency AKQA introduced a new team sport, the rules of which were created by a neural network. The developers uploaded data on 7,300 rules from four hundred sports to the artificial intelligence system. The neural network has written a thousand new rules. The developers all analyzed them. Some sports shallow immediately.

For example, the neural network offered such contests as an underwater parkour, frisbee with exploding disks and a contest in which players pass each other the ball and are on the rope stretched between balloons. As a result, the competition circle was narrowed to ten and tried to play everything.

Two teams of six people play in the speedgate: three forwards and three defenders. Three gates are displayed on the field: one in the center of the field and two on each side. The gates are bounded by two vertical beams.

The task of the players is to throw as many goals as possible into someone else's goal, while avoiding the central goal. The game begins when a player of one of the teams selected by lot draws the ball from the central goal. The game lasts three periods of seven minutes each. During the game, the ball must not remain motionless for more than three seconds. Read more about the rules

on the project website


Also, artificial intelligence created a logo for the speedgate based on 10,400 sports logos and a motto. The motto is: Face the ball to be the ball to be above the ball ("Meet the ball, be the ball, be above the ball").



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