Netflix Show Cerebral Palsy Gay Series

Netflix streaming service showed the trailer for the new sitcom "Special" (S10ecial). The protagonist of the series is gay with cerebral palsy.

Ryan is a twenty year old gay man with cerebral palsy. All his life he disguises his disability as lame and once decides to change his life. The plot was based on the memoirs of Ryan O.

Connell, "I am special: and the other lie that we tell ourselves." The author of the book played the main role, and also became a screenwriter and producer of the series.

Executive producer of the show - Jim Parsons, star of The Big Bang Theory. Together with Ryan OŃ‚Connell, Jessica Hecht, August Prue, Jason Michael Pugh, Poonam Patel, Maria Mindele and Patrick Fabian starred in The Special.

The first season of "Special" of eight fifteen-minute episodes will be released on Netflix on April 12.



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