Netflix and Gwyneth Paltrow Healthy Goop Project Launch Documentary Series

As reported by


, the premiere of a new project (so far it has no name) is scheduled for autumn 2019. The first season will feature several 30-minute episodes that focus on physical and mental health, food, beauty, and books. The show will be led by Gwyneth Paltrow herself and content director


Elise Lonen. In addition to a team of 20 people, they plan to attract medical experts, doctors and researchers to work on the series.

The latter is especially important: Goop has repeatedly been criticized by experts for its anti-scientific approach.

Many articles published by the editors do not comply with the principles of evidence-based medicine (the lack of fact checking has become one of the


of the termination of cooperation with the publishing house Condé Nast), and the effectiveness of manufactured goods and preparations

is close to zero


So, in September 2018, Goop paid a fine of $ 8,000 : the U.S. Department of Consumer Protection stated that the company misleads customers by talking about the beneficial properties of "vaginal eggs." A month later, in Europe Goop accused of 113 violations of British advertising law.



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