Nescafe released updated coffee Nescafe Gold

The brand carried out the largest-scale rebranding of coffee in its history, the implementation of which was worked by specialists from all over the world.

The new style is thought out to the smallest detail: the glass jar of the soft square shape along with the lid is made in the signature color of matte gold .

An innovative formulation was used to make coffee. She included two different degrees of grinding, one of which is 10 times thinner than ground grains. Due to this, the saturation of the taste and aroma of the drink is revealed.

Nescafe released updated coffee Nescafe Gold

Photo: Nescafe

Maria Tkalich

Director of the Coffee, Nestle business in the Russia and Eurasia region

- For many years, the brand Nescafe Gold has changed and modernized, constantly offering the consumer something new, modern and innovative. 2018 was a turning point for the brand. We tried to make the perfect cup of coffee - with a rich taste and aroma of a freshly brewed drink. We focused on the emotional component. The main slogan of our new communication is for the most valuable moments.



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